Jaws Ski doo


Etec 850

Jaws nye ekstrem pipe med enkle mods får vi enkelt 13-14 hk økning

stock etec gir 157-160 hk på@7800-7900

Jaws med luftboks mod kit og 1 grad tenning 172-174 hk @7950-8000

Må kombineres med et markedets beste variatorkit 850 Dynamo joe kit


A very versatile set of twin pipes for most big bore 860 kits on Ski-doo’s carberated 800cc engine. They are a powerful set of pipes that work with the numrous big bore kits and easily achieves an additional 20+++hp over the stock system. Pipes reach peak power at 8000-8350 rpm. Don’t starve your 860 add the pipes that were designed specifically for the big bore applications. Available with the lightweight twin glass packs or the quiet muffler (for trail riding). Full engine package is also available! ’03-’07 Rev chassis fit also available.



No longer available from Ski-doo! We now offer OEM replacement single pipes for most of the 2000-2003 ZX chassis models (500/600/700/800). An easy solution to those worn out stock pipes. They use the stock mounting hardware and aluminum covers. No more leaky exhaust or costly welding jobs!

Tuned pipe kr 5990.

Y-pipe kr 2490,-

Lightweight muffler also available for kr 3490,-


Attention racers! Jaws is pleased to offer an awesome package of twin pipes and porting to tremendously increase the power on your Rev 600 Snocross. The pipes are compatible with the sno x race motor and use the stock sno x flanges and/or our twin race silencers. The bottom, mid-range and top-end increase of these pipes is phenomenal. They reach peak power at 85-8800rpm. Please specify chassis, Rev or XP. We guarantee these pipes are the most powerful on the market.


97-03 Ski-Doo MACH Z 800 Pipes

We offer a reliable triple exhaust system for the Mach Z 800. With a set of these pipes you will feel the supply of 175 hp while the rpm climbs to 9100 rpm. The pipes fit neatly into the CK3 (or F) chassis with our oversized silencers that exit out the stock location. Ball socket flanges allow for tight sealing while enduring a long life. There is an impressive weight reduction of 25 lbs. No one should sacrifice the tremendous throttle response and the 20 hp top end increase that is typical with these pipes. We recommend installing a set of ‘V-Force’ reeds and making some jetting and clutching changes. If you favour the extreme performance of a drag set-up, the capabilities of these pipes will dramatically exceed 175 hp.

These specifications also describe our pipe on the Formula III 800 and the Grand Touring 800.


94-96 Ski-Doo MACH Z 780 Pipes

If you are still hanging onto the older generation of Mach Z, we offer pipes for you as well. The rpm stay down as we achieve an added 10 hp over stock. These lightweight pipes are precisely tuned for immaculate performance and trail ability. Other than the installation of the pipes, there is absolutely no adjustment’s to be made. We allow for the option to have these pipes fit into the stock canister, or they can be requested with a set of Jaws silencers for some extra weight savings.


Ski-Doo Summit 670

Summit X 670 pipes Looking for a power increase for your Summit 670 – Summit X 670? With a set of Jaws pipes you will experience exceptional performance bottom and top end. We packed 12 more hp into these pipes, so hold on. However there is some bad news about these pipes, they are only available for 2500 ft and above, sorry low altitude riders. The rpm peaks out at 8200-8300 rpm. There are obligations to some basic jetting and clutching.


Jaws Triple Pipes in an ‘S’ or ‘ZX’ Chassis

If you love the strength of the Mach Z triple engine, but also love the weight and handling of a twin chassis. Then our pipes are exactly what you need to complete this package. This concept is becoming extremely popular and we here at Jaws have been doing this for years. Finally a comfortable trail friendly chassis can produce 175 hp plus