’02-’04 Yamaha Viper Pipes

Powerful, durable and unbeatable are just a few words that describe our Viper pipes. Our Viper pipes were specifically designed for the Viper and boy they ROCK. The rpm climbs too almost 9000 as you experience the extra 22+ hp we packed into this exhaust system. The sound of these Viper pipes is quiet yet sporty. Employing mostly stock clutching, stock reeds and stock heat exchanges these become the most friendly pipes on the market.

We have had absolutely no issue of burn down or overheating with our pipes on the Viper as we regret to say has become an issue with our competitors pipes for the Viper (we held it wide open for 30 miles just to make sure). Trust us you will not regret purchasing a set of these pipes. Want the bottom line? Check out the performance numbers.