BMP Fatt Azz Pipe / Polaris AXYS 800 (2015+)

kr 8.990


Looking for the most powerful 800 pipe on the market? Here it is! We took our time to develop this pipe and make the most horsepower possible. Gain 10-11 peak horsepower and great mid-range power. When drag racing a stock machine, this pipe blew away the competition! Best thing is, this pipe is a work horse. Many pipe's peak power falls off when the engine becomes heat soaked. This one keeps bringing the power no matter how much we tortured it on the dyno or in the field. Nicely finished in ceramic chrome to build heat in the pipe and keep under hood temps down. Requires added fuel.

We pick up 2-3 peak horsepower and excellent mid-range along with throttle response and more. It also has many added benefits and map fixes. If running the pipe without our custom tune, you will need to run in ethanol mode while running non ethanol fuel. This pipe fits right into your stock muffler, or a BMP lightweight muffler.

  • Fits all 2015-Up AXYS 800 H.O. models
  • We highly recomend our Torque Link Tuning
  • Gains 10-11 horsepower peak
  • Big mid-range to peak horsepower gains
  • A huge amount of R&D time to make the best pipe on the market
  • Fits into our BMP mufflers or the stock muffler
  • Easy bolt-on performance
  •  We recommend our Torque Link Tunes
  • Premium pump fuel is required
  • Run 8200-8400 RPM with BMP programming
  • Ceramic coated finish
  • Pick up our performance y-pipe for another 3-4 horsepower
  • View the instructions HERE